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Verbal communication is what you can hear and get by listening. Typically this channel of communication is used the most and if any, consciously.

Forms of communications short compressed

Bodylanguage, typically unconscioulsy used and makes you being at effect and not at cause.
Body language English
Körpersprache Intro in Deutsch

The spiritual language. Untouchable, most of the time unknown and if, many times missunderstood. Change your mindset now!

Why your communication needs to be excellent

About Walter Urs Schmid


Sales and Communication Expert | Coach

Coach Walter Sales and Communication Expert started his business journey on a very average level, but figured out soon, that this was not the life he wanted to live. There had to be something else than having a job only to get the bills paid. That was the time when he started to make a change…

Coach Walter saw a lot in this world. He traveled to different states where he faced poverty and wealth in the same places. This made him think deeply about the purpose of life and a job’s purpose.

When he worked in the police force, he realized that the real power lies in the ability to communicate and negotiate. This became his passion and wherever he could help other people, he was the one who motivated, inspired, and moved people to change their lives.

With all the experience he had, he became an expert in communication. For the sales but also for company leaders who are in charge of making the company successful, not only in terms of money but also in terms of humanity, because that is the engine of every company that wants to succeed in the long term run.

If you are ready for the next steps. If you truly want to evolve yourself and your success, you won’t have another one that is guiding and coaching you this way to reach whatever you want in business and private.

my qualifications

Hand's on mentality and knowledge:

Cabinetmaker and Carpenter, with international experience in Switzerland, the USA, Malta, Madagascar, and more. Car-repair industry experience by leading a company and working with multinational employees.

Sales and Negotiation:

National and international experience, different markets including Military weapon sales, and Internet products. Marketing products, pieces of furniture, financial services, Education market, and more.

Communication Coaching and Training:

Over 29 years of experience across the business market. NLS Sales Practitioner, AAI Psychology education, trained by several HNWI Coaches, Experienced relationship Coach with own experience and capability for turn-arounds and diplomatic solution findings

Crisis Interventions and negotiation:

10 years experience in the police force, diverse departments, hard-ship negotiations on site, de-escalation-focused communication, the instant reaction in hot moments, intercultural problem solving, and much more

Yacht Industry:

over 20 years experience in negotiation pieces of training for Brokers, Brand Implementation, Author of the book on Superyacht Sales, Intercultural communication problem solving, Sales and Communication Expert.

Some of my smaller and biggest win’s

Scaling a business in the car repair industry:

Building from scratch a completely new structure and forming an international team for project-driven workloads. Creating a scalable crisis management tool to react fast and on the spot.

Yacht Brand creation and implementation:

Successfully implemented an aftersales procedure and co-negotiated an 84 Mio EUR Yacht Sales. The deal went lost after a signed contract due to a financial issue on buyer’s side.

Biggest sales in the Weapon industry:

Successfully negotiated a €46 million deal with an annual follow-up order of €12 million, singlehandedly, with a European country.

Communication and Negotiation win:

Successfully created a Communication and Negotiation company to support and help entrepreneurs and Leaders to be more successful in their conversations.

upcoming book

Sales and Communication Expert | Coach

Success is defined by communication. But there are different ways to communicate.
What does have relevance for you and the goals you want and need to achieve? In this book, you find solutions, examples, and simplified strategies you can put in place.

What has happened in the last 2 years, has changed everything. now it’s time to get to know the new way of communication! And it all starts with you if you want to be the cause of the effect you create!

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Sales and Communication Expert | Coach
Sales and Communication Expert | Coach



Sales and Communication Expert | Coach

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Sales and Communication Expert

The Book on Superyacht Sales, 7 Swiss Top Secrets to Success is available on Amazon and covers a wide range of very useful topics in Sales. It is not only for Yacht Sales. For every market you are in, you’ll find your sweet spots you want to cover.



You want to have practice-driven coaching…

You love to get the straight forward approach…

You already know too much and still stuck…

You want to be understood…

You want to hear what you need to hear, not what you would like to hear… 

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Sales and Communication Expert | Coach

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It took me years and years to get where I’m now and learning is an ongoing process. I’ll never quit learning, I learn every day. Not the number of times matters in what you learn, it is about the efficiency and the effectiveness that makes the difference.

As a former police officer in Switzerland, I also learned how to deal very successfully with crisis situations, and this experience I transferred into the real business world.

My WHY on what I do is, to help other people to become better people, in business, with your business partners, and also in your private life, with your partner, with everybody you meet up. As a result, money comes in easier as well. But in the end, It matters how you define yourself.

Money may be an indicator that can show, how intensively you live your life if it’s about money. Go for your full potential and let me help you, because I want you to succeed and grow, in every aspect of life!

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