I’ll take you from where you are,

to go with you the way you need to go

sales, communication and crisis management authority and coach

-You want to get unstuck in your Negotiations?

-You need to get your Team to cooperate and not compete?

-You want to get better result’s, internally and externally?

-You feel stressed and want to perform?

-I help you to win more of your negotiations!

-I help you to get your team perform as one unit!

-I help you to create better business results, internally and externally!

-I help you to increase your performance to the peak!

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Walter Schmid Show on Superyachtradio

Interview’s from Walter Urs Schmid with very important People that work in different Industries.

Interview are powerful tools to market yourself but also you products and services.

To give high value and content, this is the way to do in the world of internet and worldwide connectivity.

Award winning Author of:

The Book on Superyacht Sales

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The Book on Superyacht Sales, 7 Swiss Top Secrets to Success is available on Amazon and covers a wide range of very useful topic’s in the Sales. It is not only for Yacht Sales. For every market you are in, you’ll find your sweet spots you want to cover.

Why Coach Walter


You want to have a practice driven coaching…

You love to get the straight forward approach…

You already know too much and still stuck…

You want to be understood…

You get to hear what you need to hear, not what you would like to hear…


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Time never change,
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Be Coached

Are you looking to be coached by someone that has a wide range of experience and know how and why? What your weak points are to be turned around? He coaches you that you get the desired outcome…

Be Trained

To become yourself, honestly, authentic and real, you have to repeat, repeat, and repeat again! This training requires discipline and he help you to stay on track. He believes in you more than you believe in yourself…

Be Changed

Want a real change? Make a real change! You can’t change without disrupting your whole concept you are living in now! Are you ready to take this journey and to become what you really are and want? Then this is for you…

A word from Coach Walter

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“If it’s ment to be, its up to me”.
Start with yourself.

It took me years and years to get where I’m now and learning is an ongoing process. I’ll never quit on learning, I learn every day. Not the amount of time matters on what you learn, it is about the efficiency and the effectiveness that makes the difference.

As a former police officer in Switzerland, I also learned how to deal very successfully with crisis situations and this experience I transferred into the real business world.

My WHY on what I do is, to help other people to become a better person, in business, with your business partners and also in your private life, with your partner, with everybody you meet up. As a result, money comes in easier as well. But by the end It matters how you define yourself.

Money may be an indicator that can show, how intensive you live your life, if its about money. Go for your full potential and let me help you, because I want you to succeed and grow, in every aspect of life!