A Game Changing and Disruptive…

Sales and Communication Expert and Coach

He has over 16 Years of sales experience, over 25 years in communication and negotiation in high risk situations. 

Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to grow and find out, why people invest in themselves to choose Coach Walter

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Why Coach Walter

As a disruptive Sales and Communication Expert you get from him a

result driven coaching and training…

which is designed to the nowadays challenges in this fast moving time. 
He coaches differently to what you know in this market 

focused on your present situation…

with the aim to get you to where you want to go.

Be aware that you will be pushed to the limit, because

growth begins after the borderline…

but need to have the full attention of your heart and mind!

Be Coached

Are you looking to be coached by someone that has a wide range of experience and know how and why? What your weak points are to be turned around? He coaches you that you get the desired outcome, ….

Be Trained

To become yourself, honestly, authentic and real, you have to repeat, repeat, and repeat again! This training requires discipline and he help you to stay on track. He believes in you more than you believe in yourself…

Be Changed

Want a real change? Make a real change! You can’t change without disrupting your whole concept you are living in now! Are you ready to take this journey and to become what you really are and want? Then this is for you…

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The Book on Superyacht Sales

The Book on Superyacht Sales, 7 Swiss Top Secrets to Success is available on Amazon and covers a wide range of very useful topic’s in the Sales. It is not only for Yacht Sales. For every market you are in, you’ll find your sweet spots you want to cover.


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What I want to tell you....

“ Awareness, Clarity, your WHY on what you do, this is the game changer for you and your business and life…….

A word from Coach Walter

It took me years and years to get where I’m now and learing is an ongoing process. I’ll never quitt on learing, every day. Not the amount of time matters on what you learn, it is about the efficiency and the effectnes that you can create

My why on what I do is to help other people to become a better person, because in business but also in your private life, with your partner, your kids, your neighbours and just with everybody on this planet, it matters how you define yourself. 

Money is just an outcome that show’s how intense you live your life. Go for your full potential, let me help you and hold your hand, because I want you to succeed, in every aspect of life!

Time never changes, but you can change the time for you, start with yourself