Coach Walter is specialized in coaching for 1-on-1, group coaching and retreats. They are the most effective coaching trainings with the highest outcome! Follow up’s after the retreats are of high value and immense importance.

To manifest your new “you”, a persistant ongoing training is the action to take. That is what you have to give yourself and he helps you to stay on track.

He is guiding and supporting you all the way long to ensure your growth and your success.

What do you get

What is your present issue that you want to have solved? Choose the one that hurts most and if you don’t know which one would be the most important, get in touch with me and we figure it out together! 
Ones we get started, I take care on you to make sure, you get it done!

Contact me for your first talk!

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Sales Team Coaching

Have you a Sales Team that is lacking success? For role playing the Sales Team Coaching is the best way to implement new behaviors and to become outstanding.

Leadership and Management Communication Coaching

Typically it is the top management that is in charge to lead a company. If you find out, that the internal communication is not sufficient you may loos millions. Do you want to change this?

Retreats for Sales and Communication Coaching

To have a great impact, retreats are very effective and clients love it, because it is away from home, no distraction and full concentration is guaranteed. Ask for upcoming retreats or you you may want one for your your company only.

1 on 1 Coaching

Do you want to have  massive impact and results? The 1-on-1 Coaching is the most intensiv way to make a change and to perform way faster and better. For a 1 on 1 Coaching please apply for a call to figure out, what would be best for you.

personal communication coaching

It is not always a business topic that is blocking you in your life. I also provide  personal communication coaching, designed for personal issues. They also have a direct impact into your business or job.

negotiation coaching for individuals

If you are looking for a negotiation coaching as you feel a weakness or a need specifically in it, then this is for you the perfect fit. Here I also use the techniques and experience from the police force where I spent years.

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