How to be featured in a Yacht Magazine

It was always my aim the be featured with the Book on Superyacht Sales that I’m the Author of it, in a Yacht Magazine. What I did was to create value to the readers, and there was not the goal to have a complete page but the picture on the book on it. So if you intend to have your information in a public magazine, the most important focus you should set is to give value, as much as the publisher is willing to present. Never think about the money or the connections you could make out of it. And here we are again on the topic of coaching which can have a great change in your mindset and your focus. You can check out on about this book and you find it on Amazon as well.

Start with “Why”

Typically we are driven by the “What” we do and “How” we do all the things we are doing, with the main goal to make money for our living. This is somethings we have been thought as a child already but the problem here is, that most of the people don’t fell fulfilled! Have you heard from people who told you, that they can enjoy life when they are retired? Do you know people who are happy at work on a Friday afternoon and before this day, it was a stress, a must to go to work? Or maybe you know that a person who looks in a mirror knows this feeling too? Then it’s time to make a huge change, to start with “WHY” you do what you do……

Now if you have the desire to increase your lifestyle, to feel better, to become what you deserve, connect with me, write your comments and let’t get your life become a more fulfilled life with a great purpose to get up every morning with a great and good feeling!

Stop Acting, Start Living

It was one of the most impactfull lesson I took, when I joined the actor masterclass with Bernard Hiller. The way how you change, the way how to stop acting and start living which this is from the Book “Stop Acting, Start Living”, written by Bernard Hiller, is the most important book i ever read in terms of realization of who I am, how I behave and that acting belongs to the past. We are all originals and so we should behave.
By joining this masterclasses, you meet amazing people, this are life changing moments and a new creation of yourself is one of many results, if you let it happen and engage yourself the most you can. No matter where you are presently, such coaching’s are more than worth and may even be a huge opportunity to catch up with! 
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Respect your Clients pays out

What if you running a Seminar, a Retreat, or any other Services you provide your great informations to the audience and you forget to be respectfully to your clients? It is more and more the case that I can read articles about great speakers, amazing coaches who somewhere have lost their track and treat people in an inaccurate way.  They is loosing the Why! Always remember yourself why you have started your business and stick on it.